Interested in Contributing to MusicBrainz for GSoC 2023


I am Aritra Sinha. I am an open source enthusiast and I am interested in working on the project “Automate areas management in MusicBrainz”. I have an experience of 2 years with python and Postgres. I am currently looking into the project details and also looking for some good issues to contribute to get familiar with the codebase and the flow. It would be great to get some guidance and that would help me proceed further and get a better idea of the project.



I am Dhruva Bhattacharya, currently pursuing B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Gyan Ganga
Institute of Technology and Science Jabalpur. A full stack developer, self-led learner, team player, and a software
enthusiast who loves to build products. Besides developing, I enjoy writing technical blogs. I am a full stack developer and a software enthusiast who loves to build products.

I am excited to submit my application for the GSoC program to work on the project github, linkedin, twitter with the organization “MetaBrainz.”

My name is Dhruva Bhattacharya, and I am a passionate software developer with experience in PostgreSQL, MongoDB and React. I am interested in working on the project because it aligns with my interests and will allow me to gain valuable experience in learning new technologies.

I am excited about the opportunity to work with MetaBrainz, a non-profit organization that provides free and open music data to the world. As a music enthusiast, I am thrilled to contribute to an organization that is dedicated to making music data accessible to everyone.
and apart from this I will ensure to that the music that are listed are non-copyright from the original creator and make another section to discover these copyright content.

In my previous experience as a software developer, I have worked on This experience has prepared me well for the challenges that I will face as a GSoC student, and I am confident that I have the skills and knowledge necessary to complete the project successfully.

During the program, I planned that I am committed to working hard and contributing to the project to the best of my abilities.

and I respect the non-copyrighted from the original creator. As a GSoC student working with MetaBrainz, I understand the importance of complying with copyright laws and respecting the intellectual property rights of others.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to MetaBrainz and the GSoC program.

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