Interested in Contributing to BookBrainz in Gsoc 2023

Hello, I am Anjuli Aggarwal. I am a third year undergrad studying Computer Science Engineering and I’m an active open source enthusiast. I’m excited in contributing to this project and have been particularly interested to work on the “Administration System” for BookBrainz. I have significant experience of almost 2-3 years with the required skills. I’ve been spending some time going through the project’s files and gain deeper understanding of the technical details.
I would really love to know how can I get involved and get some guidance to get started.
Thank you


Welcome @anjy_08 !

I highly recommend reading this page in our wiki to start with: Development/Summer of Code/Getting started - MusicBrainz Wiki

It’s also a good idea to try the website out. If you just want to test things out we have as a testing ground with a separate database, and if you want to enter actual books is waiting for your contributions :slight_smile:
Similarly there, we have a user guide to help you get to know the interface a bit: BookBrainz User Guide

Once you’re ready to take a bite of code, you can find tickets marked with the good-first-bug label here: Issue Navigator - MetaBrainz JIRA

And we are on the IRC channel #bookbrainz if you have any questions !

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