Inter-database connections: MB soundtrack to BB screenplay

now that BookBrainz has the Screenplay work type, that brings up a question… how should a screenplay work and a soundtrack work for the same movie be related to each other?

for example, Rogue One is a movie from a few years back, and has a work both in MusicBrainz and BookBrainz:

these work entities don’t technically refer to the same part of the movie, as the MusicBrainz work only refers to the soundtrack and the BookBrainz work refers to the screenplay or script (tho those terms might not be interchangeable?)

the question is, should these two works be linked the same way that Prose MusicBrainz works are linked to BookBrainz works and vice versa (example here)? should we have a new URL relationship since they’re technically different? I don’t think we want to wait until FilmBrainz becomes a thing to link these two together…