Integrate music streaming and content resolver from Apple Music Query

Integrate music streaming and content resolver from Apple Music

Hii lucifer(Kartik Ohri)

I am writing to request your assistance in setting up an Apple Developer Account for our project, which requires integration with the Apple Music API. As a Windows user, I am not able to set up the account myself, as it requires a subscription-based plan.

I understand that setting up an Apple Developer Account may be a time-consuming process, but it is essential for our project’s success. We need to be able to access the Apple Music API to integrate it into the ListenBrainz platform, and having an Apple Developer Account is a requirement for doing so.

I would be grateful if the organization could provide an Apple Developer Account or assist me in setting one up (Create my own Account). This would enable us to proceed with the project without any delays and ensure that we deliver on time.

Furthermore, I have previous experience in working on a ReactJS Music Player Web App that integrates the Spotify API(in backend I use Node.js but in this project I have to used Flask). Based on my experience, can you suggest me some issue to work on. It doesn’t really matter if I get selected or not in GSOC. I just want to contribute in this project and gain some experience.

I believe that working on these issues will help us achieve our project goals and provide a seamless experience for users who want to use Apple Music on the ListenBrainz platform.

Steps that’s I used to take to make the Project :-

  1. Set up an Apple Developer Account: I’ll need to have an Apple Developer Account to use Apple Music API.
  2. Register: Once I have a developer account, register the app on the Apple Developer website to obtain the necessary credentials for accessing Apple Music API.
  3. Obtain an Access Token: To access Apple Music API, I will need to obtain an access token. This token is obtained through a process called “OAuth” authentication. I will need to follow the Apple Music API documentation to obtain the access token.
  4. Install and Configure the Apple Music API: Install the Apple Music API using NPM(if required Flask then i can also used that), and configure it in the application.
  5. Build the User Interface: With the API set up and configured, I can now start building the user interface. Using React, build a user interface that allows users to browse, search, and play songs from Apple Music.
  6. Record User Listens: To record user listens, I will need to store the data in a database. we need to use a backend service to store user listens, along with other user data.
  7. Testing and Deployment: Before releasing the application, thoroughly test it to ensure it is working as intended. So I use tools like Jest and Enzyme to test your React components. Once we are confident in the application, deploy it.

Thank you


Thanks for expressing interest for this idea. However, the proposal in its current forum is very thin. The understanding of the idea and what needs to be done in the project is also wrong.

I suggest you to reach out to us on IRC, understand how ListenBrainz works and work on some good first bugs before proceeding.