"<Instrument>" Quartet or "Quartet for <Instrument>"?

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I can’t find in classical style guidelines if there is a defined standard for naming works “[Instrument] Quartet” or “Quartet for [Instrument]” (for example, “Flute Quartet” or “Quartet for Flute”). Currently the database contains a mix of both. Of course the same applies to “Trio”, “Quintet” etc.

The approach “Quartet for [Instrument]” looks more flexible because it easily extends to multiple instruments, for example “Quartet for Flute, Oboe and Strings”. On the other hand, for works with one non-Strings instrument the approach “[Instrument] quartet” (without mentioning Strings) appears to be pretty common, like mentioned “Flute Quartet”.

I don’t think it’s very important to choose one. Often I’d just go for whatever the composer gave, which might be one, the other, or neither. The most important thing is that the work is easy to identify, which it is in either case :slight_smile:

“Flute, Oboe, and Strings Quartet” works too, so either order works…

I’d add to reosarevok’s suggestion that if you can’t find the original score to look at the other works from the composer, if they mostly use one style, be consistent with it. Mainly to make sorting work better. (But it really doesn’t matter that much.)