Instructions to start from scratch with VM #23?

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The latest available VM (2016-12-20) comes with schema #23.

I can’t find the necessary instructions to empty the existing data in the VM musicbrainz database, upgrade to #24 and import the latest full dump from

Maybe someone from the community who has already done this successfully can share this steps and commands?


Instructions for the upgrade are on the blog.



Which commands exactly do I need for the VM to
a) Clear the actual database?
b) Import a full dump?
Maybe I’m blind, but I can’t see the steps in the blog instructions (which is for a fully replicated DB with #23 and therefore only a few missing replication packets for #24).
I’m looking for the commands for clearing/full dump import the VM database.


In broad strokes, you need to:

  1. Change the DB_SCHEMA_SEQUENCE setting to 24.
  2. Drop the database.
  3. Import the database.

There are a few additional steps from the upgrade blog post that you need to do, but I can’t tell you the exact sequence because of how I had to do my upgrade while troubleshooting the older NodeJS version issue. Someone else might be able to fill in those details.