Installing Picard 2.0.4 on Linux

Having just set up my PC with Linux Mint dual boot (with W10), I thought I’d install Picard in Linux. I followed the instructions to use flatpak, but it seems I can’t access any network files, which is where all my music is!
I can access the network files fine from the desktop - it’s just Picard that can’t see them. Any ideas?

This is because Flatpak limits access to applications to the system due to its sandboxing features. You can grant access to additional directories, either once when launching with e.g.:

flatpak run --filesystem=/your-network-files-mountpoint org.musicbrainz.Picard

Or you can set this permannently with:

flatpak override --filesystem=/your-network-files-mountpoint org.musicbrainz.Picard

The long term solution would be for Picard to make use of the filesystem portal. That seems to be built-in into Qt5, but not sure what needs to be active in order for this to work. But see the related discussion on the Picard issue tracking for Flathub

For you using Linux Mint another solution is of course installing Picard from the Ubuntu PPA. You just have to use the correct PPA for the Ubuntu version your Mint version is based upon. E.g. current Linux Mint 19 is based upon latest Ubuntu 18.04, so you should be able to use the PPA for Ubuntu 18.04.

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Sorry for being dim, but I’m a bit unfamiliar with Linux. The files are on the network, not a local mounted drive. The address is smb://max2play/musicshare/

Yes, you would need to mount it somewhere. Some desktop environments do this for you, e.g. if you access a Samba share on GNOME it will actually create a mount point at /run/user/1000/gvfs

But I really would just recommend you to use the PPA version in this case, see for instructions.

Basically just run:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:musicbrainz-developers/stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install picard

OK. Really dim. I did that. I can see mounted folders via media/… but don’t know how to get at networked drives (which have been mounted but don’t appear in the proc mount list).

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