Incorrect _extension value

I ran into a problem: in some tracks in my library the extension value is incorrect (fla). I need to change this value to correct (flac), but I cannot figure out how to do this.
Any ideas how to fix this?

BEFORE we start - do a backup in case things go wrong. And test on a small folder first before testing on a larger tree of files.

You need a bulk renaming tool. What OS are you on? And how geeky are you?

In that image you see “RegEx (1)” top left. And a tick box to “inc ext” (include extension).
Pop .fla in the top box, .flac in the second box, and tick the “inc ext”
Now select the folder(s) and file(s) you want to change, and hit the RENAME button at the bottom right of the screen.

If you need better explanation - ask and I’ll go detailed. But the above should guide you well enough.

And did I already say - BACKUP in case you FECKUP :wink:


But I would like to solve the problem using musicBrainz, without resorting to third-party programs.
Is it possible?
In any case, thank you very much!


I had hoped that adding something like the following to the file naming script would work:


Unfortunately this does not work, as the changed _extension variable is then not used for constructing the final file name (it is always using the original extension). I think we should change that and have this work.

I added a ticket for this and I’ll see if this can easily be fixed:


Heh, okay. Yeah. I ran into this with a bunch of files that got named by a stupid downloader … that have been hanging around on a server that way since the Mac OS 8.5 era.

… and funny, I tried pretty much that exact thing there and it didn’t work, but I kind of expected it not to work.

Files all got named xxxx.mp3.02, mp3.03 etc. from when it was saving retries after getting bad files. So, yes. This would be nice to fix so scripts can have a way to affirm the desired, proper extension. :slight_smile:

Changes to allow changing the extension in renaming scripts are done. Will be released soon.


Wow! So fast! I just stopped by to check my post, and my problem has already been queued! Thanks for your work and have a nice day!

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