Inconsistencies with Title Case (eg. 'Fall for You' vs. 'Fall For You')

If I want every single track title in my library to have capital first letters, how should I go about it?
I know it sounds obsessive but I might settle for old school title case if it was consistent throughout the database, but TBH I’d rather have it all words capitalised, if that makes sense.
Maybe I didn’t listen in school but I don’t know which words are supposed to be exempt from capitalisation.

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I believe there’s a Picard plugin to capitalize all words


I think there is also a native scripting command $title() that will do the same thing.


The plugin you need is Smart Title Case. Option \ Plugins \ scroll down the list to “Smart Title Case” and click on the arrow to download and install it.

And I don’t think anyone was taught this capitalisation thing at school. There is something in the guidelines as to which official thing this is based on.

I was taught it in school. But there’s definitely some disagreement as to the specifics. And a lot of places in MusicBrainz it hasn’t been applied correctly, even following the fairly clear MusicBrainz guidelines. To say nothing of verb phrases, etc, because there’s an exception to everything in English…

But don’t use it on titles in French…

(C’est intelligent, mais ce n’est pas si intelligent. :wink: )


I’m English, but also from the previous century. We were taught capital letter at the front of a sentence. And on proper nouns. Didn’t get any of this Up and Down Text for Pretty Titles in our lessons.

I am not surprised at the inconsistencies at MB. I have to rely on the Guess Case button. It has been funny trying to relearn what an adverb is. Not needed any of that since my English ‘O’ Levels.

Talking of Guess Case - I notice it doesn’t know what A.K.A is and keeps changing that to A. k.a.

Too many French titles in MB are capitalized as in English! C’est horrible !

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To Many of Us Brits the Weird Layouts are just as Unnatural and Unreadable, hence the need oF a PlugiN to ChanGe the laYout to somETHING readble. You get Used to it After a While. :upside_down_face:

That’s the main reason why I contribute to MB and not Discogs - they just capitalize everything. In German you capitalize all Nouns, But Not The Whole Sentence Please :roll_eyes:


I’ve got a plugin working that will take this line:

# the travelin prayers at the small stadium in the woods near the forest by the lake feat billy joel and the beatles with the who plus devo and abba mocking PhoolishPhloyd at the US festival in the usa, A.K.A. the weekend of lots of music!

The Travelin Prayers at the Small Stadium in the Woods Near the Forest by the Lake feat Billy Joel and the Beatles With the Who Plus DEVO and ABBA Mocking PhoolishPhloyd at the US Festival in the USA, A.K.A., the Weekend of Lots of Music!

At least this would be a local fix :wink:

If I can get it to do deal with specific occurrences of ‘the’ before certain words (e.g. The Beatles, The Who) … otherwise a $replace in Picard script will have to do for that.

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That is tricky as not all bands keep that “The” as part of the band title. But how often is the band name in the track or album titles where this plugin will most be used on. I assume this would not be trying to apply case to the Band Name as that is a proper noun and keeps their capitals.

Unless you do other lookups to the database to check band name, I don’t know how you will spot The Beatles and the Carpenters and their different rules.

Maybe a trick in the script that looks to see if the $artist is in the $title and then set $artist in The Same Layout as $artist?