In picard, how do I correct a mismatched song in my library?

Basically, the song “When I’m Gone” by Eminem was matched to “When I’m Gone” by Wilko Johnson, and I can’t figure out how to fix it. I got this software very recently so I’m still not quite sure how to use it. Sorry if this is a dumb question.

Try the following:

  1. Load just the one track into Picard using “Add Files”.If Picard automatically loads the incorrect album information and matches your file, drag the matched file back to the left hand pane under “Unmatched Files”. Then click on the incorrect album in the right hand pane and click “Remove”.

  2. Change the search type in the top tool bar to “Track”.

  3. Enter the track title (When I’m Gone) in the search box and start the search.

  4. In the search results in your browser, find the appropriate track Name / Artist / Release and click the green “Tagger” symbol on that line. This will bring the album information into Picard automatically.

  5. Drag your file to the correct track in the album information in Picard and click “Save”.

Picard should then update the information in your file.


Good response rdswift :clap:

In case the green tagger doesn’t show up or work, you can search directly in MusicBrainz for the release (the recording belongs to). Once found, in its details tab copy the alphanumeric number MBID and paste in search pane in Picard. This will also bring the album information into Picard automatically.


If you find the correct release in MusicBrainz, you can just drag the address into Picard instead of copy and paste.


Thanks. That’s something I always forget.

This “trick” is new to me :mage:

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