Impostor spotify release

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Diverse system release has multiple release of the same album.

Ad:Piano by Various Artists: link
AD:PIANO by Diverse System: link

Ad:Piano3 by Various Artists: link
AD:PIANO3 by Diverse System: link

Ad:Piano Vivace by Various Artists: link
AD:PIANO VIVACE by Diverse System: link
For some unknown reason these two have different ISRC.

By Various Artists, has the same barcode as CD, full date, uses English style for track and artists credit which is wrong by musicbrainz guideline, not all album are there.

By Diverse System, has different as CD, only year, uses Japanese style for track and artists credit which is the same as CD and correct, most album are there.

Both artists have been deleted from spotify, deezer, and itunes, so I couldn’t verify which is the real one. Diverse System always link digital releases to their bandcamp.

The only digital releases that I could verify are:
AD:PIANO ff/pp, CD barcode is unknown and digital is known, so I’ll assume it is the same, which now I know it’s not. CD release uses EAN with 13 digit that always starts with 4, not UPC that uses 12 digit that starts randomly;
Stream Palette, CD and digital barcode are the same;
AD:HOUSE Winter, I assume both are same like AD:PIANO ff/pp;
Flowers,Birds,Wind and Moon, CD and digital barcode are the same;
AD:PIANO VII -Alternative-.
If you open these spotify link and select any artists, say it is xi, then the appears on section, you’ll see he is included in some on these release but not on older ones like AD:PIANO 2.

Tl;dr Spotify is useful for it’s ISRC and barcode, but there are dual spotify page for the same album, one by Various Artists with same barcode as CD but different naming style as CD and less releases, another by Diverse System with different barcode as CD but same naming style as CD and more releases. Both sometimes have different ISRC.

Which of them should I use, because of different barcode should I make another release? If there are two digital release where should bandcamp release go?
What about the ISRC if there are two?
Whose the impostor? maybe both of them are the impostor.

I think the best method is to just make a release for each version that has a noticeable difference, as usual.

Yes, they are duplicate digital releases (which some people hate, but whatever), but when people search for each title & barcode they will get a result, and then they will see your annotation and disambiguation that there is something fishy going on. Would be a shame to lose your research.

If there is an ‘imposter’ we can use MB to store that, and point out that it’s a bootleg. Rather than leaving it out.

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