Importing PDF files into iTunes

is there a standard file name for the pdf that itunes will detect when importing folders?

is there a standard file name for the pdf that itunes will detect when importing folders?

That is a question about iTunes, not about MusicBrainz and the Cover Art Archive. If I knew how to move this message to its own thread, I would.

The question might get answered faster and better on an iTunes forum. Maybe ?


iTunes ( Music App) will recognize any pdf you throw at it. The file name does not matter, but it uses it to show the pdf within iTunes. To join it with an album, you must open the tagging field of the pdf and type in the exact album tag and album artist tag as the respective album already has or will get. As soon as both have the same tags for album and album artist, they are merged together and treated as one album with digital booklet. The title tag of the pdf can be changed from the file name to anything you like.

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I load the file (test.pdf) and it doesn’t appear anywhere.
So how do I find it to select it to add the properties ?
(itunes on a pc)

Thanks again

Just drag&drop the pdf into the main window of iTunes (where the albums are as cover-tiles). It should appear. You might want to change the view to “Last added” to find it among all the albums. But I have to say that I don’t know if it works on a PC, I have a Mac. If it worked and you’ve found it, you can right-click and “Information” –> then change the tags as you are used to with albums or songs. Good luck!

Ok! and then how to sync it to my iphone?
It’s not in the Music App or Books…

Booklets won’t be synced with the iPhone, nor can they be uploaded to iTunes Match. They are only available in iTunes ( Music) on a Mac (or PC?). It seems that it doesn’t work on a PC either, as you don’t see them. So, do yourself a favor and get a Mac finally.

Sorry I wasn’t clear in my last response. Thanks to your information, I was able to get the pfd into iTunes by dropping it onto a smart list. Then I was able to select it and edit the properties to add it to the album. I can click on it and it opens.

I’m still hoping that there’s some way to get it onto my iPhone and iPad.

Ah, congratulations!

just to confirm you don’t know how to transfer to iPhone or iPad?

No, I don’t know a way to transfer booklet-pdfs to iPhone and iPad, sorry.

Thanks. Every seen any software to generate booklets from various jpgs?

Of course. macOS makes them with a right-click. But there are also (free) programs for Windows and online services. Just google for it, as my experiences with Windows date back 6 years and I can’t give you any tips from memory. (I’m still traumatized by Windows and try actively to forget this era in my life, hehe.)

Indeed. I was thinking of something to pull the artwork out out Metabrainz

Ok. Thanks for the help and information on loading the pdf into iTunes

If you add the pdf to Books, it will sync to your iPhone/iPad where it will show up, however it doesn’t show up in Music on the iPhone.iPad.

If you’re using MacOS (not sure if you are) you can select a bunch of JPEG’s, and option-click and open them in Preview. Then select all and if you click print, there’s an option at the bottom of the print dialogue to save to pdf.

You might want to set up a custom paper size of 12cm x 12cm (or 12cm x 24cm if you have double pages) and then it looks like the original p=booklet while viewing.

thanks. i meant downloading the jpgs from MB and generating the pdf booklet