Imported tracks from Bandcamp differs in track name and track length?

I have tagged several thousand albums with my own tagging software using a local MusicBrainz docker server.

If the correct album is found (same artist, same album name, same number of tracks, same year) the matching window for the tracks looks like this:

In the next step I apply the data from the right side to my local files on the left side (similar as Picard does it).

Since a week or so, I observe that mainly imported releases from Bandcamp doesn’t match my local releases anymore. Tracks differs in track length and/or track names. It looks like this:

As you can see the first Track called “The End” is the first track on both releases (on the left side my local track, on the right side the data I got from my local MB Server). But the Track length differs by 3 minutes!
My local Track with a duration of 08:14 exists in the data as Track #7 with a title “Take Off”.

I just want to ask you: Do you see this behaviour with your own releases too?

Could it be that Bandcamp releases change the tracklist names or order after the initial publication?

This is how it looks in Picard. The first attempt is a Cluster with LOOKUP (resulting in “green” tracks, but great duration differences) and the second attempt is with SCAN (resulting in “yellow/orange” tracks, matching duration, different track titles):

Picard - Bandcamp imported release

On the first track (Djedjotronic - The End) also have 5:15 length. May be you have wrong filename/tags in your copy of release?

@MrClon Thank you for the link. If I hear the first song on it sounds the same as my local song #4. So yes, wrong local filenames/tags could be the reason.

Do you know, if Bandcamp/Soundcloud changes tracklist names after the first publication?

IDK, i think author can do it, especially on Bandcamp. But wrong local tags/names much more likely. I seen that few times. For example when files have no track number in name, but tagger (software or human) believe that files ordered by track number ergo first file in folder is first track in tracklist

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The MB release entry is correct in so far as it follows the Bandcamp upload.
“VA-Mirror_Fantasy-(RITMOFATALE2)-WEB-2020-BABAS” is correct in so far as it follows Deezer/Beatport

It just so happens that for some reason the Bandcamp upload and entries on other digital service providers are not in sync.

The Bandcamp page was last modified March 17, 2021 but it doesn’t seem to be the order/titles that was changed.

Bandcamp releases can definitely be changed in apparently any way one likes. Not even the URL can be trusted


I didn’t know that this is possible. Thank you for your research and the link to Not even the URL can be trusted.