Import Playlist / Open Playlist

I swear I searched here first! :joy:

I couldnt find it, didnt get it going in Picard and Google didnt know it either. So it must be a stupid one but still, is there no importing/opening m3u playlists in Picard?

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No, opening playlist files is currently not supported. What behavior exactly would you expect from this?

We have some feature requests about creating m3u playlists, but nothing about reading them:

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I ended up with a couple of hundred files that were not properly tagged (not using picard for them) from a batch of about 70k files.
I use mp3tag to use the metadata to rename the files. Unfortunately, especially in deluxe and/or compilation albums, the meta data is usually not precise enough (e.g. twice the same when one is a live and the other one a single/original/alternate version), so it wont rename the file because it already exists.

I delete the properly tagged files and end up with those couple of hundreds of files and save those as an m3u playlist because they’re being made up from hundreds of different folders, to further work on those. When something goes wrong/crashes I can just re-load that m3u playlist in mp3tag and continue working on it.

I figured if I could import them into Picard and scan them and get a proper(ish) match so I wouldnt have to look all of them up on discogs or wiki.

Hmm, maybe I can use the discogs plugin in mp3tag to do that.