Import of 'timestamp 0' scrobbles from

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I noticed recently that I had lost about 20,000 listens and found this recent post on the listenbrainz blog regarding moving to a new database:

We also got rid of some bad data (timestamp 0 listens) that were pretty much useless and were cluttering the data.

For myself (and I assume many others) these timestamp 0 listens were from one off imports of local media player playcounts (only from winamp and itunes as I recall) that were permitted on when first opening an account.

Could I humbly request that this decision be reconsidered?


I’m really sorry, but I won’t go back to fix this for two reasons:

  1. timestamp 0 is bad data – it doesn’t belong in the database at all.
  2. Doing so would take weeks of active effort to bring them back – this time spent just doesn’t make sense.

Sorry. :frowning: