Import Likes?

Is there any way to import my likes from or spotify? I have thousands of them, and so it’s going to be a pain to do it manually.


if someone knows how to do it from Spotify, please let me know (as im in the same boat!) :smiley:


Not currently no.

However, I am also in the same boat and when we get past the current massive batch of heavy features, I’ll build something to import likes.


You can do, unless I’m confused about what’s being asked

Seems there is a JIRA ticket for Spotify to follow for those looking forward to that.

I haven’t tested it, but a google search gives me this post. Apparently the service lets you sync your Spotify likes to loved tracks. After that you could use the above mentioned loved tracks import into LB.


Oh, right you are! I didn’t think to check import listens again. I Already had all my likes in, so all good

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It looks like for some reason the likes import from didn’t work perfectly. Around 70% of my likes were not imported. Or maybe this is a case of the match from last fm being for a different track compared to spotify? Not sure but I am playing all my likes now and re-applying the likes again to what is missing.