Implement dance into MusicBrainz?

following some discussion in the Discord and on some Jira tickets, I’m wondering if there’s interest in adding dances as entities in MusicBrainz?

(obligatory Evolution of Dance, a great ancient meme)

dance is very closely related to music (and in some cultures, an integral part, I hear). with this in mind, I believe we need to figure a way to get dances into the database (perhaps becoming the only database for dance in the process)

the primary relationship to existing MusicBrainz entities would be to note what dance(s) are performed in a music video, but there’s several other relationships I can think of offhand:

  • to Works: to relate a dance to the song it originated from (i.e. The Casper Slide, The Twist, The Time Warp)
  • to Genres: to relate a dance to genres which commonly use such dances (i.e. moshing to metal). this could probably be achieved with folksonomy tags
  • to Genres: to relate a dance to the genres it’s integral to (i.e. Waltz, Tango, Salsa, Ballet). this would likely be better to have a relationship for
  • to Events: to relate a dance to events where such dances took place (perhaps both by performers and by the audience? the latter might be a bit extra, but it’s an idea)
  • to Areas: to relate a dance to it’s origin
  • to other Dances: to relate a dance to it’s subtypes (i.e. Lindy hop is a type of Swing, Circle Pit is a type of Moshing)

we could also have different types of dances:

  • Group dance: for large groups of people to do together (i.e. Line dance, Moshing, Square dance)
  • Partner dance: for pairs of people to do (i.e. Waltz, Tango)
  • Individual dance: for individual people to do, either as a group or solo (i.e. Macarena, Caramell dance, Fortnite Default dance)

a stretch goal might be to have entities for moves seperate from general dances/dance styles, but that’s not integral to start with…

I’ll likely make a ticket for this later this week (and will insert it here when I do)

related tickets:


I would love to see this. Genres like KPop dance is pretty much as important as the actual music IMO. Dance and music are one! I mean, dance is literally music with tap dancing. Tap shoes could even be an instrument?

tap dance in particular is already an instrument, actually~

another note on other databases, after a quick Google, I couldn’t find any databases of dances as described here. there are databases of dance groups out there, but I haven’t yet done research into these