Immediately Remove Complete/Perfect Albums on Load

The Remove Perfect plugin works well but looking for something that won’t lock Picard like it does (not it’s fault).
So looking for a way to accomplish “Load Folder and Keep Only Imperfect Albums”
Essentially removing the perfect albums as soon as they load (avoiding the full online data refresh unless that is required) and not using the plugin.
Not a huge deal but figured I’d ask.

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That’s why I always clear tags before uploading to Picard, because Picard checks all MP3s anew anyway, even those already identified.

So I guess it doesn’t make a difference whether the files have tags or not.

I don’t think this is possible, because how can Picard know if an album is perfect without the album’s information?

This is as close as I think is possible to what you were looking for, you can download the plugin here.

Basically I just moved the code from the context menu action to run immediately after an album has finished loading.


It can introduce two flags:

  1. The file was automatically passed through Picard

  2. The file was manually modified

If these flags are TRUE then Picard does not touch them.

However, there is a question when the first time Picard gave the wrong results in the tag.

Then after, for example, a year someone corrected the song in the database.

So it would be useful if Picard downloaded the current, correct tag.

Which is what it does.


Thanks all. Still digesting some of what is being said.

@twodoorcoupe That’s the plugin I was referencing but I like the idea. How are you making it run after album load and is there a way to easily enable/disable that?

Edit: reading up on Processing Order — MusicBrainz Picard v2.11 documentation

I made it a metadata processor. To disable that, the simplest thing to do is disable the plugin in the plugins list in the settings (by clicking the on/off button).


@outsidecontext it does, but why does Picard take the same amount of time to tag blank MP3s and the same amount of time after loading the tagged files?

For the first time with pure MP3s, I know that I need to check fingerprint, etc.

But isn’t it possible to reduce the time when loading already tagged files a second time?

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Because loading the release data (including loading the cover art) from MB takes the same time. You save the additional search queries, though.