I'm trying to change the label of a release and I keep on getting this error

Don’t know what’s going on, I’ve changed all the other Khalid releases to the correct imprint label, but this one just won’t let me enter the edit.

I think it might be connected with the Apple Digital Masters series, which is so huge it causes bugs.


I see. I’ve had similar issues before when trying to add releases to that series. There’s no workaround?

@Bitmap might know of some?

What reosarevok said. It’s the Apple Digital Masters series. Just keep clicking the enter edit button and it will eventually work. I’ve had it take up to 10 times before. And sometimes it will actually change and still give you this, so I have the release overview page open in a different tab and refresh after each timeout and check to see if it went through. Many times it has actually gone through with the error still showing.

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