I'm in search for a song. DESPERATELY. Could you help me?


Hi there!
I am looking for a songname. I heard it probably a year ago and instantly fell in love with that tune.
Well… Now one year later I tried to identify the song again. Without any success.
I really hope somebody can help me.

Ok. Here we go.
The song is in the background here:

In the comments I already asked the creator of the video, but he cannot remember the song’s name.

I also cut out a piece of that track without the narrator disturbing.
If anybody thinks he/she could need this piece of mp3, let me know and I’ll provide you a link for downloading.

Any, really ANY help is appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Your best bet is probably to try to contact the person that runs the youtube channel, because it sounds like typical production music to me.

Here’s two websites where you can find loads of similar music. Search for “dreamy ambient space synth” or similar tags, elements that you think people would search for to find the song that you’re looking for. https://www.epidemicsound.com/


You’ve contacted the video uploader?
And run the audio past smartphone apps Shazam and SoundHound?



Yep, asking the author was one my first ideas, too. But sadly… Without any solution or hints.

Thank you for the links :slight_smile: I’ll check them.
And thanks for your help. I appreciate it.



Yes, I tried; pretty much in that order. But sadly…
I’m really desperated. I don’t want to accept, that it is so hard, almost impossible, to find out that song’s name.
Quite a challenge though

Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.


This is my suggestion. The user RACERTV on youtube may just be re-broadcasting it or have rights to broadcast the footage (if it is not their original video) or may be copying it. My advice is to look up the film credits for wherever this video clip was from. Was it from a documentary? A television series? Find out where the video footage came from. Then find the film credits for it in the IMDB (Internet Movie Database). The credits at the IMDB will usually list composers/musicians.

If it is original footage made by the user or for RACERTV (or the song is), then you will need to contact them specifically.

For example, if you look up “Cafe Racer” in the IMDB you get this link: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3780556/fullcredits If the film clips are indeed from a series like this one, then the composer will be listed (in this case it is Alberto Dominguez and he is from Spain and makes production music). If the clips are taken from this show, and the music is from this show, then this composer may be the guy to contact. A search reveals he is known as “BeatheBeat” on several music websites.

Best of luck in your search. Hope this brings you closer to finding it.


@MMorpheus, as it is the second time you’re told to ask in YouTube and as you did it already (I even took long time to read all YouTube comments to check when you posted here first time), please add prominently in your opening post of this topic that you already have asked in YouTube, the creator of this video, and they answered that they had no clue, they just know they used a for called chill out song.
Please add this to avoid same question or other people like me searching YouTube comments in vain. :sweat_smile:


Well, that’s a point :joy:
Thank you for reading all those comments :slight_smile:
I’ll edit my original post


That’s a good one. I’ll check this.
I’ll keep you up2date
Thank you :slight_smile: