I'm going nuts. How do I run a plugin?

I have installed the capitalisation plugin but I see no option to run plugins, or any instructions in the documentation on how to run them. Sorry for being thick.

I can only think that the Mac version has a bug that means I can’t see any plugins. I’ve installed a few and are not seeing them appear anywhere, in any subcontext menu - not anywhere.

Which plugin is it exactly? I had the same issue with the Smart Title Case plugin just this week and I couldn’t figure it out either. I solved my problem by using the following script instead of the plug-in:


Maybe that could be a solution for you too?

Thanks. I would love to know how generally to get any plugin to work so I can start experimenting. But not one single plugin is appearing.

That worked a treat. Thanks!

That depends on the plug-in. You can find more information about that here: Plugins — MusicBrainz Picard v2.9alpha1 documentation

It would be nice if plug-in makers would add a bit more documentation to their plug-in descriptions.

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Agree and thanks. Seems the plugin system is written for maximum flexibility and maximum exclusion of all those except those that are technically skilled. Surely, there should be a drop down menu to Plugin > (list of plugins). And then the plugin runs.

There are different kind of plugins. The “Smart Title Case” plugin (I guess that is what you are referring to) is a metadata plugin. It runs automatically on all newly loaded releases on the right side.

There are other types of plugins. Some provide actions that can be manually performed on files, tracks or releases via the context menu Plugins > Name of plugin. The ReplayGain 2 plugin is an example for this. Cover art provider plugins that provide additional cover art providers to be configured in Options > Cover Art. And some provide plugins provide additional scripting function.

A single plugin can also do all of the above.


struggling to get this working on macos… preseumably path issues, /opt/homebrew/Cellar/rsgain/3.4/bin/rsgain ?