I'm getting the wrong data from dumps for local server


I’ve setup a local slave server using the docker reop but it’s filled with erroneous data. When querying the API for http://localhost:5000/ws/2/artist/5b11f4ce-a62d-471e-81fc-a69a8278c7da?fmt=json&inc=url-rels+release-groups, which should return Nirvana and their albums, I get a few Nirvana albums and a bunch of albums from other artists.

During setup I followed the README in the repo and did the first three steps of the installation (Build Docker images, Create database, and Start website). And after having the website running I queried the API. I didn’t do the Search indexes step since I only want to use the previously mentioned API endpoint (and I believe Serach indexes is for the text search box, pleas correct me if I’m wrong).

I’ve tried this process three time, once for each data dump servers (DK, DE, and OR).

Can anyone please tell me if I’m doing something wrong or if the data dumps actually contains the data I’m getting?

Hi there!
It’s very unlikely that you got an invalid data dump, you can also use the musicbrainz API to verify that you’re getting the same data: https://musicbrainz.org/ws/2/artist/5b11f4ce-a62d-471e-81fc-a69a8278c7da?fmt=json&inc=release-groups
and this same data should be shown on the main artist page on musicbrainz: https://musicbrainz.org/artist/5b11f4ce-a62d-471e-81fc-a69a8278c7da

Can you give some examples of releases which you get in your API request that are by other artists? What is the name and musicbrainz id of these releases? I see that there are a few singles which are colabs which you might have seen, e.g.

Candy / Molly’s Lips - The Fluid / Nirvana

Another small note to keep in mind, when using ?inc in the MB API, only up to 25 related items are shown, in this case you may want to browse release groups: https://musicbrainz.org/ws/2/release-group/?artist=5b11f4ce-a62d-471e-81fc-a69a8278c7da&fmt=json&inc=artist-credits, which allows you to page through all of the data using the offset and limit parameters. If you know that you want a certain type of album returned in this query you could also use parameters such as type=album or status=official.

I hope this helps!

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