Illustration not loaded

Hi, I try to load informations for this album : Stocks / Eclats de rock

The illustration is not loaded and I don’t understand why. It is present and associated with the album.

What’s wrong ?

Likely to just be temporary. The load on the server means images sometimes fail to load.

I don’t know it’s the reason here since my other synchronizations with other albums are functional. It’s a problem with this one. I wonder if I should delete the front picture and upload a new one…

Leave it alone. It is working fine for me. And will load for you again soon. :slight_smile:

This is common. The place the images are hosted shares services with many other websites.

Not for me … always.

Other albums ok, but not this one !

Ahh… in picard. Give me one moment…

How are your settings configured for artwork? I download all art available, and providers are set as follows:

Notice how I have got 8 images available, but on yours it is showing as zero. Is your list in a different order?

Edit: Something weird… there are only FOUR images on the release. Somehow I am getting all the images twice. When I look at the “show more details” I see everything is listed twice.

Okay… that’s odd. Because I had ticked BOTH “Cover Art Archive” and “CAA Release Group” I was getting all of these images twice. Change back to just “Cover Art Archive” and I just get the single set of four.

Clearly a bug, can you create a ticket for it ?

Does the ticket system use the same login credentials as the forum? Or do I need another account? Answered the question myself by trying to login. Didn’t work.

I don’t have a ticket account as I’m mainly here for the music. Not really a good enough developer, but happy to feed back chunky bug reports through the forum. :slight_smile: (Especially as I usually have plenty of sacrificial Windoze machines available if needed)

This issue is simple - tick all the boxes, and you get all the artwork added up together. I’ll watch for a better pattern in the coming days.

My settings for artwork :


I am not used to the Linux edition. Is that the latest version?

On the Windows edition I can choose the order of the Image Sources. Try moving “Cover Art Archive” above Amazon. Then you’ll get the CAA artwork.

Amazon is misleading in that list - which Amazon is used? French? US? Or what is listed at MusicBrainz?

When you asked the question, there was no MB Amazon link.

I have added an Amazon link to the MB page. Does it now find anything?

After adding the Amazon link to MB I have now changed the options on my Picard and Refreshed the data. It is picking an Amazon image now.

Bug Notes Update:
And for the sake of any Bug Report… it is clear that as I tick more choices on the Cover Art Providers list I get each provider added together. So Amazon Plus CAA is five. Amazon + CAA + CAA RG = 9 and so on… (I always download all art available… but I didn’t expect that to add all sources together)

My Linux distro is up-to-date, so it’s the latest for Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon. I can’t reorder the providers’ list. I observe that when only Amazon own the picture, it’s not downloaded.
No change after adding the Amazon link.
I tried to add a copy of the front image already linked, but no change. So I’ve remove it.
I unselected the CAA option and leave alone Amazon : no change, no picture…

I unselected the option to download only the pictures corresponding to the selected type AND 8 pictures are found !!!
However, I have only one type selected : “Devant” (front) :

This selection worked with other albums and must be fine with this one as there is a front picture.

The Amazon cover art downloading is failing for some images. The reason is that it is creating the URLs to download the images following a fixed pattern, but this does not work for all Amazon images. The proper way would be to use the Amazon API, but AFAIK this was not really feasible for open source tools like Picard.

You are likely using a very old version of Picard (1.3 maybe). Have a look at . We provide a PPA for Ubuntu which should also work for Mint and which should give you access to newer versions.

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I selected the option to download only the pictures corresponding to the selected type and make some tests.
If only Back is selected, I get 2 pictures. No picture if Front is only selected and always 2 pictures with Front and Back (of course).
I just discover that I can have informations on available downloaded pictures :

See the type of the front picture. There is a real problem, no ?

Thanks for the PPA. I just updated the application : 1.3.2 => 1.4.2.

Now the front illustration is downloaded ! Problem resolved.

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Good to hear it works on the current Picard.

Please also notice that when you asked the question the MB database did not have an Amazon link for your chosen release. This will also have made it hard for Picard to look up the image on Amazon.

I added the Amazon link a few hours ago.

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