If "Remix" is in the title of a track, add genre entry to that track called "Remix"

Hello, I just have a simple thing I’m trying to do. I have many remixes and I like to have the genre of the track include the entry “Remix.” Is there a way I could have Musicbrainz Picard detect whether the word “Remix” is in the title of a track, and if so, add the entry “Remix” as a genre for that track?

I’d appreciate any help. Thank you!

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Note: with correct capitalization there should be no “Remix” in the track title ETI, but in case it is not correct…


Thank you very much, @ernstlx! I’ll test this out. Can you elaborate what you mean about no “Remix” in the track title? You’re talking about MusicBrainz convention to use “remix” instead? I also read on Reddit that it’s convention to include that info as a subtitle instead, but couldn’t find it in MusicBrainz documentation. Is that true? I’m not sure if I’ll change that anyway, personally, as the software I use doesn’t support subtitles.

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From the MB style guideline:

Titles and subtitles of mixes/versions are formatted according to the appropriate language’s guidelines; the other parts of this extra information should be in lower case except for words that would normally be capitalised in the language.

Thus on MB it should be (mostly) written “remix”, but reading this - I’ve forgotten the part “except for words that would normally be capitalised in the language” - it’s correct in case the word “Remix” is capitalised in the respective language.

And it shout not be a subtitle, just part of the title in brackets. (see style guidelines linked above)

Thanks for the info! I’ll keep it in the title and keep it capitalized (as per style guide and personal choice).