If I have image in folder of songs, shouldn’t it show up when I play the album?

I’m learning a bit how this program works…then I get lost all over again. I stall and find the cone in my lap…joking aside. I ran an album through MB “Sly and the Family Stone. Greatest Hits” Everything worked great. The album image is embedded in each song so if in the car, amnesia strikes while I listen, the album cover is right there.

I just am not sure how I did it. I tried to do it again with a Depeche Mode album and though I get the jpg in the folder of songs, I don’t get an image with each one.

That said, so If I have the image in the folder of songs. Shouldn’t it show up anyway when I play the album?

Thanks much, Horst

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It depends on your player. Some read the single file in the folder, others read the image embedded in each file (and some do both, of course).

Under Cover art in Picard’s options you can set which way you want your cover art saved.


In addition to what mfmeulenbelt wrote above, it also depends on the file name. Some players support using cover from a separate file, but it needs a special naming. Common choices are “cover.jpg” and “AlbumArt.jpg”. If in doubt you have to try what your player supports and what not.

Also when embedding cover art into the tags some players have problems if the cover art is too large. If you are using the Cover Art Archive you can choose to limit the size to 1200px or even only 500 or 250px.


… and/or also folder.jpg.

@Horstsnow, what is your player?


@jesus2099 it’s a Pioneer Avic-8400NEX. Some are showing up and others not at all. Size maybe the problem. I’ll do some experiments with size and naming Thank you again.