Identifying an unknown song?

It’s not one of those two or three infamous songs that have been around forever and nobody knows anything about them.

MusicBrainz can’t ID this (mis-identifies it as a speeding car sound effect from Madacy), nor can Google, I installed a Music Search app on my Android phone and it comes up with nothing.

It appears to have been recorded off radio or some stream because periodically there’s some audio clip overlaid that says “(unintelligible) You gotta check it out, man. Press play, baby. Yo!”. So annoying when radio stations do crap like that.

I’ve tried searching some of the lyrics and also got nothing, or nothing that is this song. It’s definitely European because of the line “Why don’t you try to spend a million Euros for me?” I wouldn’t expect someone from the US, Canada, UK, Australia etc to use Euros in song lyrics.

I’d like to know who the group is and the album it’s from so I can get the album.

If you don’t have luck here you might try reddit


None of the search resources on the list at NameThatSong can identify it, or they don’t work without a microphone on the computer. How hard can it be to identify a song with a simple beat loop that repeats over and over yet is distinctive, and has pretty clearly understandable lyrics?

I don’t recognize it sorry, sort of sounds a bit like Cassie.

To be honest the track sounds like its been pulled from a mixtape, thus the “DJ mix” tags put all over it - the quality is almost too good for radio.

Keep in mind, Picard can only identify tracks that people have mapped and “fingerprinted” with AcoustID already… I think there’s a fair few hundreds of thousand tracks that are unidentifed, changing every day of course.

Have you tried Shazam?

Shazam failed to ID it

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