Idea: Stop all tasks button

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Actually my Picard is running over 80k mp3’s and by accident I sent the machine to hibernate (Ubuntu) and now it sits there and does look up the same file since hours, so i think a thread died. It might also be, that my internet connection went away (as mine is not very stable) and came back.
Anyway, it seems to loop over nothing right now, only thing thats changing is memory allocation (ist down to 460KB right now, where it was ~2GB), so I think it might be nice to have a “stop tasks” button, so i could save the tags already downloaded.


To be honest, Picard just needs a warning when you try to run too many files at once, because this is a bad idea to start with - even if it seems convenient!

I’m not sure exactly how Picard works, but is it trying to store 80k files worth of cover images etc into memory?

But anyway, yes a stop button would be good, I agree, but something to warn people from running too many files wouldn’t hurt either :slight_smile:


Thing is i got one folder with all album folders in it - so i dont have another possiblity than loading all in one. other thing is, my music folder is on a nas, which is quite slow (poor processor). this combination is nasty, as picard i.e. does not respond for ~20 seconds to a mouseclick while writing to files. i think picard is already using different threads, but that might be the optimum to do under python (?). but the stop button would make bad decissions revertible without loosing too much time. i.e. if i load all the files this lasts several hours already. if i then select too many files to scan and want to go to hibernation, i have to re-do the loading, beacuse the scan does not come back after hibernation, while with a stop button i could just stop the scanning but retain the loaded files and continue after hibernation.

now i do it that way:
-load all files
-select a bunch of, scan them
-save the results,
-remove the written files


Again, agreed that a stop button would be useful, but surely it would be easier for you to click on ‘add files’ in Picard, go into your music folder, just select all the folders that start with ‘A’ (or whatever selection), do them and then move on to the next.
This would solve your problems of having to wait to load everything and then do it all over again.
If Picard is indeed loading information on every album into memory I’m not sure if a stop button is going to free that space up again anyway, until the files are removed, but again, not sure.


Fucking pissed at this garbage.
I like the program, but at some things it was so poorly thought out.
Today stupid me had the terrible idea of trying to scan 7.5K files, the garbage totally stalled,
ran very slow, ran for almost 12 hours when I finally had to shut it down, after waiting 12 long
hours. I’m so fucking pissed.
Why are computers and programs so fucking stupid and dumb?



do they have a 64 bit version?