I want the Original albums Please help

Hey, I just downloaded MusicBrainz and I’m having trouble setting the album names and cover art.
I tried everything, I used the sliders but there are still compilations. I tried to find a plugin that would prevent it from happening but I can’t find any. I just want the original albums for my music. I want an Itunes/Spotify-like feel of the original albums

I get these compilations like:
Best of _____
Now that’s what you call music
Greatest hit of ____

General advise: First press Cluster on your files, then use the “lookup” button on the clusters. Don’t use the “Scan” button (for acoustic fingerprinting with AcoustID) unless you have to (e.g. your files have absolutely no meaningful metadata, in which case neither cluster nor lookup will work well). See also the following threads:

If this fails you can also manually load albums from the MusicBrainz website into Picard, see:


Thanks lots :smiley: