I want "Picard" to rename folder to tag name

Hello there,

i am sorry if it was asked before, but i am too lazy to search !
First things first:I am not a native (English) speaker, so do not be too harsh to me…

Following wish:

I want “Picard” to rename the “root” folder (the folder where the mp3s are in) to the artist and album name tags found by this great tool !
When various artists and orders by numbers are detected (chart-entries), i want it to leave it as it is.

I found some scripts in this community, but they do no rename the root and WHEN it renames it, the mp3s were outside…

Is this possible ?

Please send me a script for that,



Have a look at the tutorial in the Picard User Guide. That should give you enough information to do what you want.


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