I want Picard can copy AlbumArtist to Artist for all files

Some of the players (such as my Nokia Series 60) only supports “Artist”, while they don’t read “AlbumArtist” at all.
A large amount of my music files just have a “AlbumArtist”.
Copying the “Artist” name string is Inefficient.
So is there a way to make it automatic?

In Options > Scripting add a script like this:


This will set the artist tag to albumartist, if artist is not set or empty. Give the script a nice name so you can identify it.

To apply this script to your files you can select the files, right click and choose Run script… > “Your script name”.

This will apply the changes to the tags loaded into Picard. To actually apply them you need to save the tags. If you just want to save tags without also doing file moving and rename make sure you disable file renaming and file moving and only enable saving tags.