I think there is some officialness or artist intent behind this English error

Edit #82402008 - Edit release group

Old name New name
EPs 1988–1991 EP’s 1988–1991

I would like as many eyes as possible on this edit where I edit the release group title (releases should follow) to the printed title, back from a fixed English title even mentioned in our Style/Principle/Error_correction_and_artist_intent guidelines (@reosarevok).

Guidelines’ example and current RG title:

EPs 1988-1991

But here is how it’s apparently printed on all edition packagings, including guidelines’ example packaging’s spine, and same on the OHP:

ep’s 1988–1991

We could say that, as all track titles are also in full lowercase, they are more a design thing than actually part of the title, we can remove the lowercase style:

EP’s 1988–1991

But the apostrophe S seems like artist intent to me. Or at least as THE official title.
As it is really use consistently across all editions and also updated official websites.

What do you think?
Should we still keep this as EPs?
Note that I can’t realise how much this is an English error, myself (I’m French). :wink:

For info, this was already edited on and off:


EP’s may be “wrong” English, but I think the artist has made it Artist’s Intent here. They use it consistently as the title. I also notice Wikipedia has picked up and used it too.

Often in written UK English that apostrophe sneaks into text like EP’s, LP’s or 1980’s. It is technically wrong, but in common use.

“EPs” could look like a TLA. Their choice of lower case would look like “eps” and therefore lead to confusion. The apostrophe adds clarity.

I would use EP’s throughout as the title, but would still describe them as “A collection of EPs”.

(if it wasn’t against guidelines, I would go one step further and use ep’s as all their titles seem to be lower case… but that would cause a riot so best avoided)


As far as I know, EPs is standard British English, EP’s is standard American English (although the idea of any ‘standard’ for English is a bit far-fetched).

Edit: oh, not anymore: Apostrophe Catastrophe (Part Two) | Grammar Girl


*not voicing an opinion on actual edit

The correct way (in the USA) to write these things are EPs LPs 80s 90s 45s etc.
But, since the internet and texting (typing, not speaking) has become prevalent, it has become acceptable to write with the apostrophe. It is not proper, but can make a difference in clarity when discussing certain issues.


It’s consistently printed and typed with the apostrophe by the band, so it should be there, even if it’s incorrect English (whether British or American).


This seems like Artist Intent and I thought intent trumped Language guidelines?
I’d even go as far as full lowercase but people are gonna yell at me


It seems there is artist intent for both apostrophes and even lowercase here.

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