I Need some help with Script Syntax placement

I’ve got this line … that if an ‘unperfect’ album is such because it has -more- than than total amount of tracks per album, it’s still complete, and perfect in that aspect. So I save it with the ‘perfect’ stuff anyway. (The duplicate tracks go in a separate directory)

But I want to have the option to over-ride the “else” part of this. That is, even if %_isIncomplete% is true, if a specific tag is set, save it as normal anyway.

I’m having trouble getting it right with putting $if($in(%SavePerfectAnyway%,Yes) in the right place.

$noop(★ Bouncing off the Satellites [Vinyl] [1986] [Official] [MCA] [AB-DC001] - Incomplete/ ★)

$if($eq(%_extraTrackHandling%,1),$if($eq($is_complete(),0),$if($lt($matchedtracks( ),%_totalalbumtracks%), - %_incompleteDirectory%)),$if(%_isIncomplete%, - %_incompleteDirectory%,))/

Not entirely sure what exactly you want, but maybe this:

$if($and(%_isIncomplete%,$not($in(%SavePerfectAnyway%,Yes))), - %_incompleteDirectory%,)
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Hmm… $not($in … okay. At least I’m getting no complaints at the editor level. It’s not seeming to acknowledge it either.

The pathname showing at the bottom of the frame should not have /#- Partial

If I understand what I’m doing properly, that is if my line matches what I intend it to be :slight_smile:

$if($eq(%_extraTrackHandling%,1),$if($eq($is_complete(),0),$if($lt($matchedtracks( ),%_totalalbumtracks%), - %_incompleteDirectory%))

If (Extra Track Handling is On) …
If the album is -NOT- complete, and the Matched Tracks are -Less Than- the Total Album Tracks, it’s actually incomplete, so it goes in _incompleteDirectory.

Otherwise, if Extra Track Handling is OFF, anything but a perfect match album goes in the _incompleteDirectory -unless- it’s SavePerfectAnyway …

A little bit closer now at least :slight_smile: