I like to remove Eryka Badu's "soulquarians" from artist credits

On Eryka Badu’s Mama’s Gun, several artists are credited as “the soulquarian”. In the booklet it’s always [artist] the soulquarian for [company], e.g. “James Poyser the soulquarian for the Axis Music Group”. For the MB credits the company part was omitted (that’s okay), but now we’ve got…

James Poyser the Soulquarian
Jay Dee the Soulquarian
Ahmir (? Luv) Thompson the Soulquarian

…that’s nonsense. I like to remove the soulquarians. (I will not make it votable, therefore I put it here)

There are other uses of credited as that I would rather not have added, e.g. inconsistently used variations like “Leslie Brathwaite (He’s a Man)” or instruments like “Rhodes piano [Rhodes]”, but since it took some effort to add these variations, I’d like to leave them as is.

If they’re credited like that, I think it’s quite cool to leave them in. I quite like a lot of nonsense :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps we could have a
display artist credits’
toggle, so you can choose to just view the ‘data’/artist names


Would be cool!
But regarding “the soulquarian” - it belongs to the company an artist is assigned to (“Jay Dee the soulquarian for PayJay Productions, Inc.”) - every artist with a belonging company would be a “Soulquarian” - it’s not personal.

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I didn’t look at the packaging scans but, according to what you say, current AR AC are wrong:

[artist] the Soulquarian

While they should be:

[artist] the Soulquarian for [company]

It’s always nice when some editor makes the effort to put some AC following what’s printed, no?

This could be slightly dangerous for pen names.
We may stop merging artists if we know that many people are not seeing the right pen name credits. :wink:

Really? This type of credit is very common - [artist] for [company] (without soulquarian jokes). I never added companies as part of artist credits and I didn’t know that I should do so.

:thinking: Why should that stop me from merging artists? It would make it easier to see which artist is behind the given variation, nothing more.

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Ah ok.
I thought it was like when featuring Bob from that band, I didn’t see the packaging. Apparently I was wrong! :wink:

But then where would you see the pen names?
The pen names are the correct artist credits when they are used, real names should never replace them.

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I understand that just marks them as members of Soulquarians - Wikipedia ?

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You’re definitely right! I have not known and thought it was a joke.

I have to withdraw my request! Everything is fine as is. Sorry for bothering, and thanks!


I was getting quite confused as well tbh :stuck_out_tongue:

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