I found a website

that i thought had some decent data to it.

But I don’t speak finnish. So I didn’t want to change the direct link and post only the home page in case there was a ‘process’ to get to the page I was on.

As you can see, it gives a bunch of recording level data, as well as links to people and bands.

For example -
I can see (near the bottom of the page) that the album VIIMEINEN MIES was recorded at Studio 55 in 1981.
I can click Studio 55 to see a list of bands that recorded there.
I can click Cyde Hyttinen and see a list of bands he recorded with. If I click one of those bands, I can see stuff.

On the page (different section) I can see that many of the album recordings have different recordings available.

You get the idea.
I thought it was a good reference for Finland, in case someone could use it.


I did see several links from MB entities to Finnmusic.net indeed.
It has been part of our whitelisted other databases for some time.


O.K., then nevermind.