I found a classical album that seams wrong

this album seams wrong if you compare it to music.apple.com and amazon.com and spotify.com. this was importerd from amazon but does not match can somone that is good with clasical music have a look at it.
The Essential Guitar: Music of Beauty and Romance - Compilation by Various Artists | Spotify

clasical music is above my head.

There must be thousands of classical albums that are “wrong”… :grinning: What exactly is the problem with this one?

well i thort the artist were wrong but i think it is the way classical music does artist on here is confusining as heck. but the song names are wong if you compare to all the 3 sites. like the fist 2 should be
Concerto in D Major, RV 93: 1. Allegro (Arr. Siegfried Behrend)
Kinderscenen, Op. 15, No. 7: Träumerei (Arr. Agustín Barrios Mangoré)
but thay are
Concerto in D major, RV93: I. Allegro
Kinderszenen (Scenes from Childhood), op. 15 no. 7: Träumerei (Dreaming)
Kinderszenen: Träumerei

and all the rest are the same and i spoted that an Recording artist name is wrong it is Saffire but if you look at there album covers it is Saffire: The Australian Guitar Quartet

Have a look at Classical Style Guideline, it’s quite different then other genre.


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