I can't open the site locally

I have run the project locally and when i go to the site on the browser I get this error on vscode:

and this at browser:

how to fix this error

I have fixed the problem and the site is running now

What is the problem?

the problem I have set up the database user and password not such which is written on the config/config.local.json
I have followed Setting up Dependencies from installation docs
In the section the user name at all commands is postgres but in the config file it is bookbraniz.

So I will open issue and resolve it at a PR, if this action will not be right tell me and i will be happy with your opinion



When you first set up your PostgreSQL, the superuser is ‘postgres’ by default. As a superuser, you have to create a role named ‘bookbrainz’ and set up the password for it. That’s why in the configuration, the user is ‘bookbrainz’ and in guide it is ‘postgres’. You can name it whatever you want and change your local config files accordingly.

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Ok, I know that but, I am talking about the new contributors that’s all.