Hungarian names


I’ve been entering a few Hungarian releases.
In Hungarian the surname comes first. For example Márta Sebestyén would be Sebestyén Márta. I’ve seen Hungarian names entered on the site both ways.
Do we have a set way to enter them? :worried:


Whatever the correct way to enter a Hungarian name is, would be the correct way to enter it in MusicBrainz. If that’s FamilyName GivenName, then that’s how it should be in MB.

From :

The artist name is the official name of an artist

And I think that’s really the end up of it. :slight_smile:


For what it is worth, @wonder_al, most Asian artists have family name first as well, because it is the correct way to do in their languages too.


I’ve seen some cases (famous classical performers mostly) where arguably they’re so much more relevant outside Hungary than inside that “Name Surname” is their “artist name” somehow. But I’d be happy with doing Surname Name for all Hungarians.


What would the sortname be in that case?

  1. FamilyName, GivenName (as usual)
  2. GivenName, FamilyName
  3. same as artist name, so just 1. without the comma
  4. something else?


For Vietnamese artists, I have been using 1, that is to say, no different than others:

family name, comma, given middle name(s) if any, given name.

If it helps.

BTW it stands for those who show full names. Very often it is only given name(s), so artist name and sort name are the same. :slight_smile:

But your option number 2 is strange, I do not think we would choose that. :joy_cat:

  1. Family Name, Given Name

The comma is a (imperfect) delimiter; it affects how the name is machine-sorted.


Oh I know that, those confuse me even more :smiley:


I imagined there was some special Hungarian method for sortnames. :slight_smile:


About special method, if there is one (like for Japanese), it is used in the alias sort name only.
Main artist sort name is, at the moment, full Latin script and with a single common scheme, as far as I know.