Html, nfo, etc. export

I’ve got a fairly large (300GB) music collection which is probably about halfway tagged. I’m planning on tagging it, and then building an html-based catalogue that will include various metadata, possibly reviews/lyrics, and definitely album and artist artwork. In order to accomplish this, I need a program that will scrape/download the info & artwork, and then some way of getting all that data exported into a format that I can batch-process into html pages for the catalogue.

Is it possible to export the info I need from Picard? If not html directly, can Picard generate something like an .nfo file, or can anyone suggest a suitable application? (The reason I’m asking in this forum is that the Kodi wiki highly suggests using Picard for tagging. I’m not sure if Kodi just directly pulls info from musicbrainz based on mbid, or if there’s some export capability in Picard.)

Picard will save the musicbrainz id’s in the file.
When the file is loaded in kodi it will look for these id’s and it will know the correct artist and recording.

Have you taken a look at as a library manager and tagger that will work with musicbrainz.
This has plugins that may do some of what you want or you may be able to write python code to extend this to your needs.


You can create custom exports in Mp3Tag. I’ve also got some PowerShell solutions for reading metadata if you want to script it yourself.