How to use webservice to add work to private collection?

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I don’t understand how to put something into a private collection using the webservice. Is that even possible? And if yes, what is the correct syntax?
It is a collection of works, otherwise I would use python-musicbrainzngs.

Can anybody help me? :slight_smile:

Edit: I found a way to integrate the missing function to python-musicbrainzngs, my question became obsolete now.


If it’s something the library is missing, maybe you could submit it upstream? :slight_smile:


Sure :slight_smile: Should I open a pull request? Don’t know if there is somebody active to merge it…


I think so, @alastairp is probably in charge of that still and fairly active :slight_smile:


Yes, we would love a pull request if you have made the changes! We sometimes get behind on merging things, but really appreciate any contributions that you can make.