How to use Picard offline?

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I installed musicbrainz-server-2015-08-06.ova and musicbrainz picard 1.2 on Debian GNU/Linux 8.5.
Terminal in virtualbox displays prompt. I type help. A list of commands are displayed. Now what?
musicbrainz picard looks for internet connection, but I want it to look at the musicbrainz on my pc.
How to set up system for this? how can I tag my files offline, using MusicBrainz Picard?


First off, the VM you downloaded is more than 1 year old (2015-08-06) and your version of Picard is six days away from being 2½ years old (2013-03-30).

You can get the most recent version of Picard at (and please feel free to poke whomever handles packages in Debian to update their repositories…).

We’re currently “beta testing” the new VM; check out to build it yourself, or where to get pre-built versions of the binary. Note that the VM doesn’t include a search server, so you’ll most likely want to set that up yourself too.


This is exactly what you get when you choose the stable distribution, and is 100% intentional. So please don’t poke anyone over it. If you want rolling updates, use the rolling distribution (which in Debian is called testing).


Well, requesting a backport would be reasonable (not sure how easy it’d be to make one, though—haven’t tried). Testing contains 1.3.2.


Yeah, getting it into jessie-backports would be an option. However, in my experience, people rarely install packages from stable-backports.


It’s probably getting more common, now that it’s an official part of Debian. I think the Jessie installer now offers it as an option (and previous installers didn’t). If that isn’t the Jessie one, then it’s the Stretch one I saw that in.

And of course, if it’s in backports anyone who asks for a newer Picard can be given relatively simple directions to install it.