How to update to latest server release?

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Quick question for the community.

I got my server setup and running back at the end of November and now I see that there was a server update published on 12/21. I am not running the VM cause the updates there are so few and far between.

How can I tell what version I have installed currently and how can I patch what I have to the lastest version?


If you downloaded the source code using git, the easiest is to follow the branch production.

Some additional steps are sometimes required, depending on the changes. The latest update just requires to redo the step Installing Nodes.js dependencies and to restart the server.

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Okay, got the update figured out I think.

How can I tell what version is installed/running?

It would be nice to check before pulling the latest and after to see a change in some version number someplace.

In standalone mode, the website specifically displays the version being run at the very bottom (left) of each page.

Otherwise (or for more details), use the command git log which displays latest commits and, even better, the tag of the currently used server update. Tags’ descriptions link to the blog posts.

Okay, perhaps I’m missing something as I am running a SLAVE and not a STANDALONE server. The only thing displayed in the bottom left of each page is the last replication packet info.

However the command “git log” shows the time from when I cloned the repository so we should be good to proceed.

Now, if I understand this correctly all I need to do is go into my cloned directory and do a “git pull” to get the latest files from github. Correct?

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Indeed, it is displayed in STANDALONE mode only.

And yes, git pull is all you need to get the latest files.

The above mentioned potential additional steps to keep the server running correctly are: updating Perl dependencies, updating Node.js dependencies and recompiling resources.

Okay, I can handle the dependency updates. It was making sure I have the latest server code I was worried about.

Thank you for your responses and time helping me understand and learn this. Much appreciated!

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You’re welcome! Last bit: Once a year, a schema change server update comes with detailed instructions and one-shot scripts to update the database schema. Next one should be in May.

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