How to treat magazines and journals - Editions, Works & Edition Groups

I notice new user @Kamel_farhan_saleh has submitted some articles from magazines.

His latest submission is for a magazine named الحداثة (Al Hadatha) الحداثة (Edition) – BookBrainz as a generic Edition.

He has then added Works linked to the generic Edition for the Summer/Autumn 2021 and Winter 2022 issues of the magazine: مجلة الحداثة: عوامل استمرارية الجماعات الدينية وظاهرة العنف في مجتمع طائفي – صيف/خريف 2021 (Work) – BookBrainz and مجلة الحداثة: دمج التكنولوجيا في التعليم ودور الإعلام في الأزمات - شتاء 2022 (Work) – BookBrainz

There is also a generic Edition Group for الحداثة (Al Hadatha) magazine الحداثة (EditionGroup) – BookBrainz.

My understanding is a particular issue of a magazine/journal is treated as both an Edition and an Edition Group and the articles it contains are individual Works.

Am I correct?

N.B. I’m not naming and shaming the user as the system is complex, I’m just trying to get my head around this topic.

Al Hadatha: Al Hadatha - Wikipedia

I don’t really understand what he did there. Both works (2021 and 2022) has been added to an edition from 1994.

Since we don’t need edition groups for one-offs like magazines I used the edition group as journal entry and the editions for all the different journals:

But now we have the “series” option and @Mr.Monkey proposed to use this also for journals.
So we have two different ways of sorting/grouping the journals and I’m not quite sure which is the best way.

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He added the Edition as a way of grouping all issues of the magazine Al Hadatha (founded in 1994). He then added two issues of the magazine as Works.

I thought about this yesterday and I couldn’t work out a way of grouping all of the issues in one location. Your solution was to use the Edition Group which at the time was the only option.

I never thought of using the Series.

A magazine submission broken into its various elements:

  • The magazine issue is an Edition
  • The articles contained within the issue are the Works
  • The periodical title is the Series
  • The Edition will automatically generate an Edition Group for the magazine issue title

The Edition Group seems a bit pointless however there are rare instances where there can be 2 or more editions of the same magazine issue, usually this involves changes to the cover but sometimes the articles can change.

I thought I’d better give this a test run and find out if it is possible.

I created two Editions of Mad with the disambiguation “Issue #188” and “Issue #189”: Mad (Edition) – BookBrainz and Mad (Edition) – BookBrainz

I created three Works: The Moronic Woman, The Bad Mouth Bears, The Misery Breaks (articles from Issue 188): The Moronic Woman (Work) – BookBrainz, The Bad Mouth Bears (Work) – BookBrainz and The Misery Breaks (Work) – BookBrainz

I created the Series Mad with the disambiguation “magazine”: Mad (Series) – BookBrainz

The Edition Groups were automatically created by the Editions. I then added respectively “Issue #188” and “Issue #189” as disambiguation and updated the Type: Mad (EditionGroup) – BookBrainz and Mad (EditionGroup) – BookBrainz

The only problems I see are:

  • the Edition needs some form of disambiguation such as Issue # or a date to differentiate the various issues.
  • the Edition Group needs to be manually updated by adding the same disambiguation as the Edition.

I wouldn’t call it a simple process!

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Yes, looks complicated but we can avoid the disamb problem by using the full title in the title field “Mad Issue xyz” and Or even “Mad Issue xyz, Year, Month”
We don’t have to create disamb fields for the edition groups, when we do it this way, and there is another thing: If all the issues have the title “Mad” there will be some sorting problems, i suppose. You have to sort it by title + “disamb field”.

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You’re right again. I altered the titles to “Mad (Issue #NNN)” and they look all right.

That certainly overcomes the Edition Group retrospective disambiguation edit. Although the pesky Type still needs a manual update.

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I have looked at the end result of my test a few times now and I can’t see any problems.

@indy133 you have submitted a large number of periodicals, so you might want to have a think before we commit ourselves to this model.

I did that when the idea of using the series for journals came up and I can’t see a reason why we shouldn’t go this way. And since there indeed some rare cases of multiply editions of a journal (eg. I own a facsimile edition of the first ever Rolling Stone magazine), we are on the safe side with this “series”-way.
Let’s go for it! :wink:

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Just letting @Kamel_farhan_saleh know what has happened to his submissions listed above in my first comment.

I deleted the Edition and swapped the details to a Series: مجلة الحداثة (Series) – BookBrainz The Series is now a grouping for all issues of مجلة الحداثة (Al Hadatha) journal/magazine.

I deleted both Works and swapped them to individual Editions: مجلة الحداثة: عوامل استمرارية الجماعات الدينية وظاهرة العنف في مجتمع طائفي – صيف/خريف 2021 (Edition) – BookBrainz and مجلة الحداثة: دمج التكنولوجيا في التعليم ودور الإعلام في الأزمات - شتاء 2022 (Edition) – BookBrainz

The individual articles contained within the issue of the magazine can be added as Works.

Sorry for any inconvenience.