How to to link between release and tracks/records when using python on mirrored database


I’ve downladed MB’s data base (mbdump) on an Ubuntu VM, and I’m using python to query MB’s data base.
It works quite well for simple querying, but I don’t know how to link between tracks and releases.
For example, I want to find the releases in which a particular recording is found.
I thought that it may be in the l_recording_release table, but the table I have downloaded from the mbdumo is only 17kb and there is no way it contain the relationship I need.
I hough to link between the release and recording via ‘work’, but my l_release_work table is empty.
Any ideas?



If you haven’t already found it, it might help you to look at the schema diagram. (It always helps me, anyway.)

Releases have one or more Mediums, which in turn have Tracks, which in turn are linked Recordings.


Thanks a million (though I feel quite dumb for not figuring it out myself…)


Glad I could help.

If you end up making something cool, don’t forget to come back and show it off :slight_smile: