How to tag on Android?

My whole library is on my smartphone. I was hoping Picard would be available for Android, but it’s not. Also i have a 32bit machine which is not supported anymore by Picard…
I’d much prefer a solution that doesn’t need me to export all my files to a computer, then import them back, because i manage my music librairy several times a week, having new titles added and some others deleted.

How should i do to tag my music files stored on my Android smartphone ?
Is it reasonable to expect an Android version for Picard ?

There are currently no plans to bring Picard itself to Android or any other mobile OS. Picard is a desktop application and everything is targeted towards this use. For use on a mobile phone it would require a totally different user interface. Also it would likely require significant changes to the underlying codebase and build.

The Android MusicBrainz app used to have some very basic tagging functionality. But it was removed in an update earlier this year as it was very error prone and there is no capacity to actually build a full fledged tagging application on Android.

I also don’t know any such tagger. Some players do have some basic tag editing capability.


Just a side note:

I can’t imagine typing album names or correcting incorrect titles on a smartphone. It is also difficult to imagine a comparison between existing metadata and new data from online sources on a small mobile display.


Yes, this is indeed very challenging, and I think partially why the feature did not work as expected for the MB app.

A good UI for this must be simple, matching must be very automated to avoid manual input. Mass processing is pretty much out-of-question as it is hard to imagine on how to visualize the changes for a lot of files at once.

I’d very much would like to see a nice tagging solution for mobile that is simple, reliable and usable. But right now this will not come from the current Picard team.

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Thanks both for your answers.

After some more research apparently there exist some automatic tagging solutions for mobile based on MusicBrainz’ database i think.
I have found Automatic Tag Editor and Zortam Auto Tagger but both do not make the mass-editing feature available for free.


Someone asked before for a full-fledged tagger for Android but I could only find kid3 which refuses to run on my devices

Personally I use MiXplorer which has some tag editing capability among many other features.
Musicolet being my current music player of choice also has tagging capability.

Have you heard of Samsung Dex? It allows you to use your Android device in a desktop-like mode.

Apparently Google is working on something similar.