How to tag multiple releases into 1

Ok. I will use my example and this will be a detailed description.
I have the album Crash Love by AFI. Now, I own the 2 CD release. The problem is- I’m a completist and they have additional tracks unique to other listings. Example= they have an iTunes only version that has 3 songs that are on nothing else. Now I can find and tag them on the release but not on the release that I have. They also have another release that has an additional 2 songs that aren’t on any other release. SO= Basically, when a group does this I just add them onto the end of their longest track numbered release. In this case, since I have a second CD I simply added the tracks to the end of the original 4 songs. Now, of course, this CD doesn’t exist- and I don’t care if it does- but I want to be able to tag it so it all stays together and doesn’t get split into multiple albums when I load it into a media center.

  1. Is there a way to do this?
  2. If this involves editing certain fields or leaving them blank= which ones?

Also, as an aside, since most people who listen to a group as a fan try to get everything by them per a release that throws different songs on different releases= MusicBrainz should be configured to have a “Complete” edition listing. Like in my circumstances with Crash Love- a release that has all b-sides and outtakes, etc., added to the end of the main release. I know for a fact that this applies to a massive amount of albums, e.g. Bush’s main releases Almost ALL have multiple singles with multiple unique tracks. Most people are not going to want to have them listed separately by single but just tacked on to the end of the main pressing.
There’s a lot of other CDs I have that are in the same predicament.
Usually, I add them on but haven’t figured out the best way yet.

As it’s not a release in MB at this stage, you have to edit the track tags manually (you can do this within Picard and/or probably your player).

You should just have to make sure the ‘Album’ field is the same across the tracks, and then update the track numbers. And ‘total tracks’, if you want.

If there was a notable enough bootleg out there, with all the bonus tracks, that could be added as a bootleg release.

I don’t really see MB supporting these in any other way to be honest.
If I added on extra tracks like this I would want to see, via the tags, what official album edition the bonus tracks are actually from. Even if I had them in the same folder.
MB deals more with this kind of ‘concrete’ information.

A Picard plugin could do some kind of ‘compile tracks’ trickery? If you can find someone to make one for you :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool, Thanks Aerozol. I’ll just manually tag- which I thought I might have to. Would you know off-hand which fields I’d have to leave blank inorder to not have an album with added songs split? Should I just stick to like the 4 or 5 basic fields?

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It depends on how your player groups files?

I can imagine all it looks at is the ‘album’ tag if you’re browsing by album but I’m not sure… I browse by folder structure so for me it wouldn’t split them no matter the tags.

If I’m understanding your questions correctly!


Oh, sorry I didn’t reply earlier= I’m super busy atm. I’m currently figuring out Musicbee. I have all my stuff in folders but musicbee seems to pay little attention to that, lol. I just wanted something that LOOKS better and maybe has an equalizer for when I want to sit and listen to music. I had my stuff on iTunes a long time ago and I kind of missed it. Now the first time I ran my collection through Musicbee= totally F@#$$%D it up. After having to sit down and figure out what happened? it forced me to do a few things I might not have otherwise done. I stored all album art/ linked and embedded it/ download stuff I probably never would have/ and converted all my music into 320BPS mp3. I noticed that Wav. and wma. files got F’ed up with musicbee. I was super pissed at the time but looking back I’m kind of glad it happened. Now, I have tagmp3 for tagging and I paid for it- which I probably shouldn’t have bothered, but even using that, MBP fixes whatever my tagger does that doesn’t work. All in all, I’m cool with everything. Just curious- how are you having your music player only go by the folder? What media player is it?

If you are not already using it, add MP3TAG to the arsenal. It it useful for quick hacks of tags. Also allows copy data from other tags (and huge patterns of data manipulation).

Picard is brilliant as it is linked to Reality and the MusicBrainz database. But when you want to “Roll Your Own” then MP3TAG is prefect.

(And as you have seen with MusicBee, and same with Picard… no tagger is perfect at automation and always needs to be checked. Backups kept.)

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My stuff is quite organised so it’s ideal to have a Foobar2000 panel browse by folder structure. The search still searches tags.

Foobar2k is pretty customizable so you could have a list ordered by folder sitting next to a list ordered by tag (e.g. by album) if you wanted both.

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If you are just using folders and you don’t care about scrobbling, you don’t even worry about tagging.
Folder names /albumartist/originaldate - album/, file names disc,track - title and stuff.mp3, and whatever player is included in your OS will do. :wink::kissing_smiling_eyes:

Hmm. Yeah, I don’t know how to do that and/or what you are saying. I mean, I’ve heard people talk about it before- but I’m not that comp. literate. I have Stamp ID3 tagger, which I bought, but it doesn’t have Albumartist which I know a lot of players sort by. I don’t know what scrobbling is?,lol. Basically, I want a media center that lists all the artist by category, then when I click it= I get their collection of albums. So far, in tagging, I’ve only had a couple of hiccups with Musicbee, So I’ll probably work on fixing them and stick with that player. I also wanted something where I could curate some playlists and have an equalizer= pretty much nothing besides that.

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