How to start the server on the VM?

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I’ve downloaded the 2016-12-20 VM and set it running. Because I want to access it from outside the VM I set the networking to bridged and rebooted. I’m able to ping the IP address of of the guest machine from the host (, obtained via DHCP) so I know that basic network connectivity is OK.

However I can’t access the site from the host ie in a browser just results in “connection refused”

I’ve looked through the documentation and seen a couple of suggestions: sudo vagrant up or plackup -Ilib -r but neither vagrant nor plackup are installed on the vm so I’m assuming they aren’t the way to go.

I’ve also tried bin/reset-containers which as far as I can tell ran successfully but didn’t make a difference.

I’m sure I’m missing something really obvious but I don’t know what! Can anyone advise please? Thanks


OK, strangely it’s working now without me having done anything.