How to setup search server and replication on mirror server?

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I followed the instructions on to setup a mirror server. Everything worked great other than some issues with missing css, which I have created a different ticket for. I recall setting one of these up a couple of years ago and there was great documentation on how to setup a search server as well as setting up replication.

In the instructions mentioned above it does not mention if replication is done automatically or if we have to setup it up with a cron job like previously. Does anything additionally need to be done to get replication working?

I also noticed that the old walk through on the search server setup has been depreciated. It was really handy as it gave step by step details. The new walk through just mentions,

" The server by itself doesn’t rate limit any request it handles. If you’re receiving 503s, then you’re likely performing search queries without having set up a local instance of the search server along with the search index rebuilder. By default, search queries are sent to and are rate limited."

I went to those pages and they were not very well documented and hard to follow as to what is actually needed. Are there any additional documentation on how to setup a search server?


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The recommended setup is from Docker Compose:

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