How to set up Google BigQuery in a ListenBrainz development environment?


I am trying to set up Google BigQuery in my development environment, to test a statistic I wrote. However, there is no documentation to do this and the Google BigQuery documentation is targeted more if you are a developer implementing it in an application.

There is the bigquery-credentials.json file in the project, which looks like this.

{{- define "KEY" -}}
    {{ key (printf "docker-server-configs/LB/bigquery-credentials.json/%s" .) }}
{{- end -}}
  "type": "{{template "KEY" "type"}}",
  "project_id": "{{template "KEY" "project_id"}}",
  "private_key_id": "{{template "KEY" "private_key_id"}}",
  "private_key": "{{template "KEY" "private_key"}}",
  "client_email": "{{template "KEY" "client_email"}}",
  "client_id": "{{template "KEY" "client_id"}}",
  "auth_uri": "{{template "KEY" "auth_uri"}}",
  "token_uri": "{{template "KEY" "token_uri"}}",
  "auth_provider_x509_cert_url": "{{template "KEY" "auth_provider_x509_cert_url"}}",
  "client_x509_cert_url": "{{template "KEY" "client_x509_cert_url"}}"

Some of these things I recognize from the Google Cloud console, like project_id, but I’m in the dark on how to configure the rest of these.

Could someone explain what I need to do to get this working, or where to find some of this information in the Google Cloud Platform console? If someone can explain it, I’ll write a piece of documentation and submit this back to the project to help others.

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You want the json file described at the following documentation:

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The file you’re looking at was the consul template MeB uses in production to create our own BigQuery credentials. What you should do is find the JSON file alastair linked.