How to send a Private Message (PM) to another user?

I would like to send a private message to another user (I got their ID on MB and on MB forum too), is it possible to do that?


See the following answer and thread:



I received an email notification for a PM, but the brain cells that had learned how to reply must either have died or re-purposed
Where do I go from here:?

I still find it very awkward that the forum has no PM features and doesn’t even notify you of a received PM.


To send someone an email you have to go to their profile (e.g. do an editor search).
Then where you now have blurred out your email (hidden) (verified at ...) (send email) will appear. Hit send email and done…
What’s the advantage of this to forum PMs? <- That’s not a rhetorical question, I’d really like to know if there is any.


Thanks, so that is how you can send somebody a new PM.

But my question for now is more specifically: where I can get an overview of my received (and send) PM’s.
I guess there must be some ‘post office’ for that somewhere on MB, where you could then also select a received PM, and click something like ‘reply’?

This is not an hypothetical question too b.t.w. :wink:
I received a notification email, but I don’t know how or where to reply.

Reasons for having PM options available on the forum are that you might not have been frequenting other areas of the Musicbrainz/MetaBrainz universum for a while, and that you used an email address for the forum that is not your main day-to-day email address, and therefor might not be checking that one on a regular basis.

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With this system you have to manage that yourself with your email app.

You got the content of the message in the email right?

Underneath it should say something like:

If you would like to respond, please reply to this message or visit to send 'XY' an email.

are too many to mention. Reasons to having this strange e-mail system instead are beyond my recognition.


Ah, thanks. So we agree on this?
I’m asking, since from your previous post, I first read that you wondered what the advantages would be to have PM options available on the forum.
But I now understand that I probably should have read you meaning what the advantages are of MB having the current obstacles in regard to personal messaging?

Ŷes, we seem to agree the current system is rather stupid.
I bet about 80% of PMs are never sent simply because it’s too complicated.

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My apologies to the forum member who PM’ed me a week ago, and who I didn’t reply for above reasons.
But even after this afternoon trying, I still can’t succeed in replying to you.
I’m very sorry, but I’m giving up.

The current ‘system’ is really ridiculous.

What exactly are the issues? As Paula said above at the bottom of the message should be that short note that you can either reply to the e-mail or use the link provided to answer.

Just replying to the e-mail ist usually the fastest and easiest way.


Thanks, I did succeed after looking at it with some fresh eyes.
My reading capabilities must be off today. Allow me to blame it on the very hot weather and a heated and slightly irritated brain after not finding an easy and logical way by means of the forum or the website to do this.

But the gist of my frustration on this matter still stands.

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@hiccup: Are you looking for this mail icon?

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I am looking for that mail icon on MB on a small screen Android and can not find it.
Please check my route:

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It’s not there in the MB forum. Other discourse fora have it.

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It’s not yet available because:

@Freso wrote this on March 2016, more as two years and 22 replies in the linked blog post ago.
What is the progress in this case?

No progress. Gentlecat/Roman was working on it for a while, but then got assigned to work on Solr instead, and then he quit (for a number of reasons). "Watch"ing the two linked tickets from the blog post you link via your quote of me is the best way to keep up on any progress whenever it is made.

It is still something we want (very much), but right now a number of other things have had higher priority (e.g., finishing making the Solr server usable should mean a lot less server breakage, and the other focus is on improved UX). has been around since ~2000, this forum has been around since 2016. Not everyone on is on the forums—everyone on the forums is on We don’t think the current e-mail system is the best there is, but no one has made a satisfactory system that works for our purposes (or designed one that we can throw developer time at implementing). Keep in mind that our projects are still at their core open source community projects, paid developer time only covers so much, and we’ve already thrown a lot of foundation money after this without anything to show for it, so it’ll likely be a while before the foundation takes another stab at it.

If you’re interested in putting in some work towards moving this forward, again, please refer to the two linked tickets in the blog post linked earlier.


Yes, but it would only take you 5 minutes to re-enable an already developed function that costs you nothing so that 386k forum-users can communicate with each-other without any obstacles.
You could still leave the email system as is, but add a “or send a forum PM” link to a user’s MB profile that links to their forum profile if they have one.

I don’t see a reason to reinvent the wheel here just because not everybody has made use of their free access to wheels yet.

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But then we would have a dependency with Discourse for that feature.
So the day we want or have to migrate to a new forum we will have to recover the buried code and make it work again, in a hurry…


It only works if the initial poster checked the Reveal my email address when sending.


Was true when I wrote it 2 years ago, and it is still true now. We already have a “PM” platform, so we’re not going to enable more until we have a clear path forward for how we’re going to handle them. You can spend your time and energy arguing this, or you can spend your time and energy on moving MBS-8721 and/or MBS-1801 forwards. One of them may get you the results you want, the other one will just exhaust everyone.