How to search for albums that haven't been released yet?

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I’ve been poring over the docs but can’t wrap my head around how to get this data. It’s a pretty simple query but there are so many fields that I’m just not getting it.

Basically I want to query for all known albums (official) that have a release date greater than the current time (releasing in the future).

Can anyone help with this?[20170930+TO+*]+AND+NOT+date%3Aunknown&type=release&limit=25&method=advanced - seems we have very little and several are probably errors.

Thanks for the help with this.

Yeah, those results aren’t the best…

Keep in mind that some stuff might be entered but just stored as 2017, but I think in general the community is quite careful when adding announced but not released albums because their contents can still change and the albums themselves might still be canned.

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Your query doesn’t seem to catch a release I added for november…


The bug is probably “@reosarevok sucks at Lucene”

This search seems more promising.

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